Where is YOUR trash being taken?

When your dumpster is full of stuff and I bet some of it has your name on it. Where did your hauler take your trash. To the land fill or did it end up in a back alley where later on your name will be found and who do you think will get the TICKET or maybe even JAIL? We take all our loads to the landfill to be disposed of properly.

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Illegal Dumping

Short story you can google it here in Kent County Michigan at wood tv 8. They have 2 stories on it, but im not sure how long the will be on there site.  It happens more then you think. The hauler is trying to save money vs paying the landfill fees.

OAKFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A trash hauler in northeast Kent County is in heaps of trouble, accused of dumping on property not licensed for it.

"He’s illegally dumping Sept, 2018


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