Thanks for your support of our family business. Click the link. Make sure it says at the top. Enter your dumpster $$$ amount and fill in your card number. (same company we use if we do a payment on the phone with you) This is square the same credit card company a lot of small business or mobile business use. We have used it since 2015 without any problems. We prefer this because it DOES NOT SAVE YOUR INFO unless you chose to save it. As we type your numbers into the phone or computer all we see are *************.

Thanks Jr, Jen, and Family

After you pay call us, or short text us (616-437-1460) saying something like this… paid $235 on site 964 jones ave g.r.

We just write down your address, phone number and job type, dumpster size, and any extra cost items we talk about on phone. Old school handwritten planner we use. That way we don’t lose YOUR drop off date because the computer ate it.

i dont think my paypal link is right yet sorry……I just added a paypal button but im not 100% if i did it right. once you click link it should show a dumpster with writing on it as my profile picture. I’m still learning as a webmaster lol