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Read below before u email me.

familyWe book full each week so keep that in mind.. Emailing us today and saying you want a dumpster tomorrow is NOT going to always work. Plan ahead.

Before I will bring you a dumpster I need a CELL PHONE number (NOT A LANDLINE YOU DON’T ANSWER WHEN YOU’RE AT THE STORE). I have had people say put it in the driveway there are no cars. I get there and there are 2 cars in the driveway cause their kids are out skipping school or something.. so do I block the cars in or call you???

I’m Not trying to be rude but realistic. We drive and don’t play on our phones texting.

Emails are checked 2 or 3 times a week. I only get 1 or 2 real dumpster jobs a months from it. The rest is spam… We, as in me and my family do all the driving, pick up, drop offs, etc. I’m to busy to play on a computer playing 50 question with a customer over a month time frame.. If you really want a dumpster call us… 2 mins on phone, and we will get you a total price out the door.. Your dumpster is done booked this week or in 2,3,4,5 weeks or 3 months when you need it. Telling me in a email Monday morning u want it that afternoon you just kidding yourself.. Let’s be real.. We do 3-6 dumpsters a day.

We don’t have a office girl sitting around being paid to play on a computer checking face book all day. I could hire one.. Then i would have to pay her a hundred a day plus benefits divided by 3-6 dumpster a day. That would make your dumpster price go up about $40 more.. My wife, kids, and me do it all? Thanks Jr

This is the type of shit emails I get with no info. Just worthless, and won’t answer the questions I need to be able to give them a price. I feel like I’m talking to my own kids after they did something wrong.. ANSWER ME

Customer: need price on dumpster..

Me: what kind of project you doing and do you know the size you need, and what city do you live in.

Customer: what size you got..   4-1-2019

Me: 10,15,20 yards    4-2-2019

Customer: how much 4-6-2019

Me: again what kind of project you doing 4-7-2019

Customer: house 4-15-2019

Me: what kind of stuff in house? cleaning it out, tearing it down, or getting rid of the dead bodies you have piled up in the freezer for 20 years so you could keep on collecting there Social Security Checks .. 4-16-2019

Customer: when can i get it..5-6-2019

Customer ok ill take a 30 yard and I want it this morning 5-6-2019 6:12am

Sorry but it like this every time with emails. I got like 5 questions I ask on the phone and BOOOM I will get you a total price out the door and a drop off date.. If you can’t call, (WE ARE UP UNTIL 11PM SO CALL ) then find someone else to play your dumb ass kid game. 

First time or returning customer we can help with any question you may have. We work 7 days a week for our customers.

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