1. We do 5-day rentals on the dumpsters unless we discussed otherwise, and we don't call before we pick it up. You yes you are an adult and know when we will be back, But you can call us the day before if you need it longer.
  2. Things that CAN go in there, BUT WILL COST EXTRA PER THE LANDFILL: TV, Tires, Mattress, (lay flat or on its side not stand up 2 foot above dumpster) Box Springs, and Appliance (stoves, washer, dryers put out to the road with a free sign).
  3. Pricing is based upon what you are putting in the dumpster. If you decide to add 3 tons of concrete, shingles, or dead bodies you have to pay extra for that. The first 1-3 tons are included in the dumpster price. You have to pay for the extra weight. Only about 1% of people go overweight. We try to get you a total price out the door. I don't like changing the price.
  4. Payment is needed at the time of drop off, when or before we pick it up. Unless we have talked about it. We accept cash, checks, or credit card. If check bounces then I bring back a bigger load and dump it in your driveway at the end. I like shingle loads with nails if you don't answer the phone after a week. haha
  5. There is a fill line at the top of the dumpster. Anything above will cost extra for the weight. Call us if you need to go above some. Avg charge is $20-$30 extra. This way YOU don't have to rent another dumpster.
  6. Hiding stuff your only fooling yourself. When we dump your load it is spread out on the ground and the loaders, and camera see it before we get back to the office.
  7. If you use a loader and crush my dumpster, you buy me a new one. $5,000
  8. Do not burn anything in the dumpster, or you will buy me a new one. $5,000.
  9. Not responsible for any damage to, or on your property. If you want the dumpster placed in the yard it will tear the yard up just a little. We try our best not to. We have yet to have any problems after 40 plus years.
  10. ***Sometimes when you order a 10-yard dumpster all we have is a 15-yard dumpster.*** A 10y is about 16 inches from the top. If you want to fill it all the way then we just charge you for a 15-yard dumpster. Then you don’t have to reorder another dumpster at full price. 80% end up filling it LOL
  11. If we drop it off a day early that day does NOT count against the 5 days. Really why drop it at the shop. I would rather have you start sooner. If you get done early you can call us, and we can see if it fits in our route. In order to keep our prices down, we try to run routes in the same area. Sometime we might be a day late picking it up. If you’re selling your house and having pictures done. Call us a day before you need it picked up.. NOT THE DAY OF.
  12. Use common sense.
  13.  lucky 13 I'm sure someone will do something stupid one day to fill this spot.

Call us for any questions. We wake up around 7 am, and are up until 11 pm, 7 days a week. That means even on Sunday we answer the phone.

Family business so, we answer the phone anytime. I book more on Sunday then any other days combined.


PLEASE LEAVE A 5-star FEEDBACK ON GOOGLE MAP IF YOU CAN trying to get my rating up since some women out of our area left me a 1 star and killed my 5-star rating. Really mad about it she didn't even write anything. Heck, I'm trying to figure out how to link my square feedback to my website since i get 4-8 new positives each month. We have like 50 or so positive in last 2 years.

We try hard kissing everyone's ass to make everyone happy. If we didn't then call me and tell us what we did wrong. Then we can change it or explain it to you.


If you remember please tell us how you found us. Friends recommend us if you have any, the newspaper you only get to read on your throne, google, facebook drama page, seen my wife flying by doing 90mph when she ran you off the road, etc. Trying to figure out what to focus on.