10 Yard Dumpster

(616) 437-1460

Holds about 4-5 pickup truck loads.


Small Jobs

1-3 Rooms or Home/Garage Clean Ups

We work will our customers and try and help them order the right size. Sometime a customer wants the wrong size or can't afford a bigger dumpster. If this happens and they want another dumpster I work with them on price, or if you think you need a 10 but maybe a 15 yard we can bring you the 15 yard. There is a line inside that show how high to fill for 10 yard. Fill to the line you pay for a 10 yard. Use the whole 15 yard dumpster then pay for a 15. We try and help our customers. 616-437-1460


15 Yard Dumpster

(616) 437-1460

Holds about 7-8 pickup truck loads.


Bigger Jobs, most people (85%) need this size but think they need bigger. Why waste money. Call us and will will help get the right size.

Garage, Home, Hoarders, or 30 years at the same home and its time for stuff to go.

Ladies when you hubby has you call for roofs try and have how many square are going on it or size of roof and how many layers are on it. Everyone is going to ask this question.

Don't waste money

Why rent from us?

(616) 437-1460

I live in Cedar Springs, Dad live in Grand Rapids, and at the end of March I stop at a Gentlemen house in town and asked what the other guy charged them for a 10 yard. He told me $300 plus tax, disposal, environmental fee, and something else. Almost $330 total. Thats more then I charge for a 15 yard. Why do people change insurance companies ever couple years, because they slowly up there prices and you don't think its much but it adds up to millions for them each year for doing the same job and nothing more. My own personal Weekly Garbage Company I CHANGE EVERY 2 YEARS UNLESS THEY LOWER THE PRICE TO MATCH THE OTHER GUY. I saved $80 this year 2018. I pay less then $10 a month, $30 a quarter, or $118 a year... For fun we called and asked for a dumpster since there our weekly trash company. $130 more then i charge for the same size.. If your rich and got money to give away I'll take some, so i can buy more Dumpster and help more people save money vs over paying to big companies.



Right Size for the Job at the Right Price

Call us today so we can help determine what size dumpster you need for your project vs paying for the wrong size. Most guys think they need a bigger one, but its don't need to be if you know how to use it. Put it in nice vs throwing it in. Take your time, and don't rush.  (616) 437-1460



We are growing but it takes time. I have people setting up Dumpster Rentals 2 months out. They call and say Jr we are selling our house or already sold it. So, on so and so date we need a dumpster for a week. Don't wait till the last min like 99% of the world does call us and book it. You can call again and change the date I don't care how many times we do it. You can even call that morning and change it again. Just don't call on Friday at 5pm and think you can get a dumpster at 5:01pm in grand rapids. Sometimes we might be able to but let be real.

Call 7 days a week for a dumpster. (616) 437-1460

We can book ahead for your projects so you know you have one less thing to worry about. You DON'T have to be home when we drop it off. We know most people work days. You can tell me where you want the dumpster dropped over the phone or we can drop it off after your home from work. I'm here for my customer when they need me and not 9-5 like the other guys. Thanks Jr

Next Steps...

Call us today to set up your dumpster rental. (616) 437-1460