Does the other guy have there 2019 Kent County Waste Hauler License? Its required. It mean we are insured, conform to the law, and basically know what were doing with waste disposal in order to get it. If you want to see mine just ask me. We have it all, and will show anyone.

Where did that other hauler take YOUR trash, with YOUR name, on some of the stuff? Did they go to the landfill or a back alley that might come back to cost you more money with tickets or worse jail for illegal dumping. Yes sounds silly in this day and age but its not. Some of these fly by night wanna be haulers are broke even after u pay them. Some do anything to make a extra dollar. Google it, illegal dumping West Michigan, or Grand Rapids. They all get caught in the end but until they do it might be you that is caught up in the mess they made for you if any of that trash had your name on it.


Some trash/dumpster haulers have been banned from certain landfills for not following the rules or just plan out doing stupid stuff. Its a new era where people, businesses don't want you around them if your cause trouble. It makes them look bad also.


There is 3 places we haul your trash to. All are licensed facility set up to deal with waste disposal properly. Your more then welcome to ride with me to make sure load ends up in correct place. I might put you to work lol

Any question just call us 616-437-1460 Thanks Jr