Does The OTHER Guy Have Insurance? Can you pay for the Damages

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2 thoughts on “Does The OTHER Guy Have Insurance? Can you pay for the Damages”

  1. Well I learned something new last week about these fly by night, out of business the next guys.. Reason they can beat my price is they DON’T HAVE INSURANCE ON THERE TRUCKS, DUMPSTERS, TRAILER, THEMSELVES, ETC. Only reason I’m posting this is so you know the story i heard in the middle of June 2018. A guy started doing dumpsters this year with them cheap ass set up trailers that don’t have safety hydraulics, just cheap dollar store electric winches. He didn’t have insurance and was at someone home letting down a dumpster and let out to much cable and it wasn’t moving at FIRST.. Then it took off crashing into the garage door and hit the guys old car, also damaging the stone pillar between the 2 garage doors.. Can u get a court order to be paid from a broke person.. Who do u think paying for the damage……………. If i blow a hydraulic line. I’ll be cleaning up a mess on your driveway but my stuff isn’t moving.

  2. I step on your property I have liability insurance. My trucks, trailers, and dumpsters have insurance. The only damage we have ever done is to LAWNS cause the customer wanted it put there vs on the driveway. You can set boards but even them crush down into the ground. Oh and common sense is we stay back about 10 feet from garage doors. ya ya your the customer and you think you want it right up the garage door. Do you want the back door on the dumpster open or you doing it the hard way throwing junk over the sides.. LoL.. Once we are there we will talk about what spots best the pros and cons. Most people rent a dumpster once every 5-10-20 years if ever. Let us help. We drop them everyday.. Front yard or Jr can you get it around the side out back by the 3 legged dog house in the back yard between the trees by the powerlines next to the water spigot. That where the shed or deck we are tearing down is……. Sure I’ll see how close i can get it….. Smile

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