Call anytime (616) 437-1460

Read below before u email me.

we book full each week so keep that in mind.. emailing today and saying u want tomorrow is NOT going to always work. Plan accordingly

before i bring  a dumpster i need a phone number.. i have had people say put it in driveway there is no cars.. i get there and there is 2 in driveway cause there kids are out skipping school or something.. so do i block the cars in or call you..

I’m Not trying to be rude but realist. We drive and don’t play on our phones.

Emails are checked 2 or 3 times a week. I only get 1 or 2 real dumpster jobs a months from it. Rest is spam… We as in me and my family do all the driving, pick up, drop offs, etc. I’m to busy to play on a computer playing 50 question with a customer over a month time frame.. If you really want a dumpster call us… 2 mins on phone will get you the price out the door.. Your dumpster booked this week or in 2,3,4,5 weeks or 3 months when you need it. Telling me in a email Monday morning u want it that afternoon you just kidding yourself..  Lets be real.. We do 3-6 dumpsters a day.

We don’t have a office girl sitting around being paid to play on a computer checking face book all day. I could hire one.. Then i would have to pay her a hundred a day plus benefits divided by 4 dumpster a day. That would make your dumpster price go up about $40 more.. My wife, kids, and me do it all? Thanks Jr

these are the typical email i get with no info. 10 tons of tearing house down cost more then 2 tons of cleaning out house hold type stuff……

Customer: need price on dumpster..

Me: what kind of project you doing and do you know the size you need and what city.

Customer: what size you got..   4-1-2019

Me: 10,15,20 yards    4-2-2019

Customer: how much 4-6-2019

Me: again what kind of project you doing 4-7-2019

Customer: house 4-15-2019

Me: what kind of stuff in house? cleaning it or tearing it down.. 4-16-2019

Customer: when can i get it..5-6-2019

Customer ok ill take a 30 yard and i want it this morning 5-6-2019 6:12am

Sorry but it like this every time with emails.. i got like 5 question i ask on phone and BOOOM i get you a price out the door, and drop off date..